28 October 2020

The construction of a solar power plant in Dniprorudne has been completed

In October 2020, Gelios Capital completed the construction of a solar power plant with a capacity of 12.9 MW in Dniprorudne, Zaporizhia region. The total land area is 21 hectares. Annual electricity production is more than 16 300 MWh. The amount of investment in the project is UAH 220 million.
The main indicators of the project:
Photovoltaic modules – Risen;
– Inverters – HUAWEI;
– Metal structures are made of Metinvest metal;
– Electrical equipment – Siemens, EDS-Engineering, Odesakabel;
– Contractors – EDS-Engineering, MBK SYNERGY;
– The size of the station is 21 hectares;
– Connection to the network – 35 kV.