Project status: Built
Location: Zaporozhye
  • March 2019

    The facility was put into operation

  • 3.2MW


  • 24GWh of electricity

    Annual production

  • 3

    Number of engines

The company BIOGAS-UKRAINE in 2018-2019 at the landfill for solid waste (MSW) in Zaporizhia implemented a project for the construction and commissioning of a biogas energy complex for the production of “green” electricity during the combustion of landfill biogas in gas piston engines.

Through the project:
● 21 jobs created;
● degassing of biogas with methane content up to 50% is performed, which allows to prevent its emissions into the atmosphere.

Background: Methane (CH4) has a 21 times stronger effect on the greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide (CO2) and has been in the atmosphere for more than 12 years. Methane capture is the best short-term way to prevent global warming.

The company BIOGAS-UKRAINE continues to solve the environmental problem by increasing the production of landfill biogas in new, specially prepared, areas of fresh waste. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 112 thousand tons per year in CO2 equivalent.

Project summary:
Gas piston engines – Jenbacher J 320 GS (Austria);
Gas transmission system: 245 wells, total length of gas mains – more than 16,000 m;
Gas cleaning equipment – Conveco (Italy);
Connection to 10 KV electrical networks;
General contractor – ELSI, SPEC-PROM-TECHNOLOGY (Ukraine).