City Grad Prom

Project status: Built
Location: Zaporozhye
  • October2019

    The facility was put into operation

  • 6MW


  • 42thousand Gcal of thermal energy

    Annual production

In October 2019, City Grad Prom implemented a project to build a solid fuel boiler house with a total capacity of 6 MW.

A modern solid fuel boiler UTV-6 (P) is installed in the boiler house. An alternative fuel such as sunflower husk pellets produced in the Zaporizhia region is used as an energy source.

Through the project:
● 15 new jobs were created;
● support is provided to local producers of fuel pellets, which are an environmentally friendly renewable energy source;
● reduced consumption of more than 7 million cubic meters of natural gas per year.

According to the research of the State Enterprise “Soil Institute of Ukraine”, pellet ash is used by farmers as a high-quality phosphorus-potassium fertilizer.

Project summary:
Solid fuel boilers – UTV-6 (P) (Ukraine);
Pumping equipment – Wilo (Germany);
Heat exchange equipment – ANCOR (Ukraine);
Gas cleaning – Cyclone battery, Filter hose with pulse regeneration (Ukraine);
General contractor – Promgaztechnologiya (Ukraine, Fastiv).