Project status: Under construction
Location: Zaporozhye
  • September2020

    Scheduled launch

  • 35000tons of fuel pellets per year


As a result of production activities in the city of Zaporizhia hydrolysis plant (1970-2004), a landfill was created on the outskirts of the city for temporary storage of waste from its production, namely hydrolysis lignin.

Studies of the physical and chemical properties of this material have proven the possibility of its use as an alternative fuel and organic fertilizers.

In 2020, Gelios Capital began construction of the first stage of a plant for the production of fuel pellets and organic fertilizers from these raw materials.

The main product is a fuel pellet with a lower calorific value of at least 4200 kcal / kg.

This fuel pellet has a certificate of recognition of fuel as an alternative, which allows the use of ii for the production of “green” heat and electricity in boilers and biopower plants.

The project plans to:
● create more than 20 new jobs;
● to liquidate the landfill, and the spontaneous dump formed on its territory;
● to rehabilitate lands with the formation of pastures for cattle.

Project summary:
Raw material preparation area – Rodtech Re-cycling (Ukraine);
Drying area – EnergoBioResource (Ukraine);
Heat generator – Energomashproekt (Ukraine);
Granulation site – Cortelia Systems GmbH (Germany).